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    Intellectual Freedom and Copyright on the Internet

    Lately, there seems to be a spate of copyright/fair use infringement happening to re-enactment bloggers. I think a lot of the problem is that copyright is a contentious, thorny, compex subject that no one really has an opportunity to study closely (unless you happen to be a law student, or perhaps a web designer, etc.) and so we often don't know what is okay to use, how, and when.

    The issue came up again, and since part of my job involves keeping up on US copyright issues, I posted a short list of links to my Facebook page. The response was overwhelmingly positive, so I am posting here a longer list of resources for learning the basics about Internet copyright.

    Disclaimer: I am not a copyright attorney or interpreter, nor do I play one on TV. What I am presenting is a list of resources that should hopefully be helpful to the average person trying to figure out what they can and cannot do online.

    Disclaimer 2: I am located in the US, and these resources are for US-based persons.  I do not claim to be knowledgeable about intellectual property issues in other countries. However,  I will take suggestions from readers, so if you know of a good copyright resource for your country, please let me know.


    The U.S. Copyright Office maintains a page of resources at . It’s a good starting place to get as precise answers as you are likely to get.

    The USCO “Students and Teachers” page is helpful, if a little on the young side.

    The University of New Hampshire School of Law has an entire website dedicated to intellectual property and copyright. This essay by Prof. Em. Thomas G. Field, Jr. addresses some basic concepts.

    George Mason University “Copyright and the Internet”:

    University of Texas’ “Copyright Crash Course”:

    The Center for Internet & Society at Stanford Law has a great page  on Internet copyright and fair use:

    “Ten Bogus Excuses People Use When Stealing Photos From the Internet”:


    The Wardrobe Project

    This weekend I attended Atlantia's Crown Tourney. While preparing for the event, I figured out that I really do not have a persona-appropriate wardrobe to speak of. In my chosen period and place, not counting items that do not fit or are badly damaged, I have: 2 linen kirtles, one full-sleeved linen camisa, one straight-sleeved linen camisa, one wool jacket, one wool petticoat, two habitos, and my elevation ensemble.

    That's it. My tranzados are filthy from wearing at Pennsic, two of my linen kirtles are too big, one kirtle is torn straight down the front, all of my other camisas have shredded into rags, and I don't even have proper stockings.

    I am not a very good example of a costuming Laurel at the moment.

    I've decided to embark on a full wardrobe project to fix this, and I pinky-swear that I will post about it extensively on the blog. I'm going to start with locating my persona in place and time (for those reading along - I know when and where I am), then look at wardrobe inventories and source images to get an idea of what someone of my persona's social standing would be wearing. I'll talk about fabric choices and embellishments and how to clothe a person rather than costume a persona.

    Hopefully by the end of this little experiment, Beatriz will look like the minor noble lady that she is, and I will have a collection of clothing that makes me proud.



    I'm fiddling around with site layout and design today. Don't be alarmed! So far, I have succefully recovered everything I accidentally deleted...


    Atlantian University Fall 2013 Handouts

    I have just posted PDF copies of my handouts from this past weekend.

    I am trying something new this time: if you go to "Documentation and Handouts," you will see the handouts listed by title. However, these copies do not have the images or cover sheet attached. I have created a new directory, "Atlantian University Fall 2013" in the documentation section.

    The University directory has all the pieces of the handout packet. I have made separate PDF copies of the imge pages and the cover sheet, so if you want part but not all, you are welcome to download just what you need.


    Elevation Gallery

    In February, Their Majesties Vladimir and Kalisa of Atlantia called me into court and presented me with a writ to consider joining their Order of the Laurel. For non-SCA folks, the Laurel is our organization's highest award for excellence in the arts and sciences, and represents an acknowledgement that one in an expert in one's field.

    On March 30th, I sat vigil and was elevated to the Order. It was an amazing, thrilling, humbling day, and I am beyond touched to be included in the Order alongside people whom I have admired for years.

    I have finished collating and labelling all the photos from my vigil and elevation to the Order of the Laurel, and they are available in the Elevation Gallery. Very soon, I hope to take photos of some of the objects that were gifted to me, and add those to the gallery as well. Right now, I am filling out thank you cards for all the people who worked so hard to make my day special.