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    Kate Newton is a high school librarian with specialities in religious studies, American religious history, continental philosophy, women studies, and foreign languages.

    Mestressa Beatriz Aluares de la Oya, a hijadalgo (nobleman's daughter) from Santiago de Compostela with interests in the wool trade, living under the reign of the most blessed Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella.

    Through this persona, I am able to explore various aspects of life in different cultures at different times. My primary areas of research are: middle and working class Spanish culture, Hispano-Flemish style, clothesmaking,  cooking/baking/confectionery, fibercrafts, religion, Lenten customs and traditions, the Spanish wool industry, dance, and narrow-wares.


    SCA Resume

    Awards Received

    Award of Arms - 1991  (Atlantia)

    Golden Calon Swan - 2003 (Calontir)

    Kingdom A&S Champion - 2006 (Artemisia)

    Order of the Pearl - 2009 (Atlantia)

    Order of the Laurel -  2013 (Atlantia)


    Other Recognitions

    Lady of Cooking, Costuming, & Research - 2006 Artemisia Kingdom A&S Competition

    Fellow of the University - 2011 (Atlantia)


    Offices Held

    Chatelaine, Barony of Lochmere (Atlantia)

    Herald, Incipient Shire of Evensong Forest (Meridies)

    Herald, Shire of Standing Stones (Calontir)

    Deputy Exchequer, Shire of Standing Stones (Calontir)

    Kingdom Waiver Marshall (Calontir)