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    Iberian Food

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    Spanish History and Culture

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    Spanish Painters

    Born 1401-1450

    Bartolomé Bermejo (1440-1498)

    Jaume Huguet (1414-1492)

    Nicolas France (1424-1468

    Luis Dalmau (1428-1461)

    Joan Reixach (1431-1486)

    Master of the Cypresses (1434) - manuscript illuminator

    Fernando Gallego (1440-1507)

    Antonio del Rincón (1446-1500)

    Pablo de San Leocadio (1447-1520)

    Pedro Sanchez

    Pedro Berruguete (1450-1504)

    Lo Spagna (1450-1528)


    Born 1451-1500
    Martin Bernat (1454-1497)

    Juan de Flandes (1460-1519)

    Juan de Borgoña (1470-1534)

    Master of the Retablo of the Reyes Catolicos (1485-1500)

    Alonso Berruguete (1488-1561)

    Pedro Machuca (1490-1550)

    Juan Vicente Masip (1500-1579)


    Born 1500-1550

    Juan Bautista Castillo (1500-1579)

    Luis de Vargas (1502-1568)

    Pedro de Campana (1503-1580)

    Fernando Yanez (1506-1526)

    Juan de Juanes (1510-1579)

    Luis de Morales (1510-1586)

    Caspar becerra (1520-1570)

    Antonio Moro (1520-1586)  see also: Anthonius Mor

    Pedro Villega de Marmolejo (1520-1597)

    Juan Fernandez Navarrete (1526-1579)

    Giovanni Narducci (1526-1616)

    Alonso Sanchez Coello (1531-1588)

    Martin de Vos (1531-1603)

    Luis de Carbarajal (1534-1613)

    Miguel Barroso (1538-1590)

    Pablo de Cespedes (1538-1608)

    El Greco (1541-1614) see also: Domenico Theotocopouli

    Jorge Ingles (1544-1585)


    Born 1551-1600

    Bartolomé Gonzalez y Serrano (1564-1627)


    The Wardrobe Project

    This weekend I attended Atlantia's Crown Tourney. While preparing for the event, I figured out that I really do not have a persona-appropriate wardrobe to speak of. In my chosen period and place, not counting items that do not fit or are badly damaged, I have: 2 linen kirtles, one full-sleeved linen camisa, one straight-sleeved linen camisa, one wool jacket, one wool petticoat, two habitos, and my elevation ensemble.

    That's it. My tranzados are filthy from wearing at Pennsic, two of my linen kirtles are too big, one kirtle is torn straight down the front, all of my other camisas have shredded into rags, and I don't even have proper stockings.

    I am not a very good example of a costuming Laurel at the moment.

    I've decided to embark on a full wardrobe project to fix this, and I pinky-swear that I will post about it extensively on the blog. I'm going to start with locating my persona in place and time (for those reading along - I know when and where I am), then look at wardrobe inventories and source images to get an idea of what someone of my persona's social standing would be wearing. I'll talk about fabric choices and embellishments and how to clothe a person rather than costume a persona.

    Hopefully by the end of this little experiment, Beatriz will look like the minor noble lady that she is, and I will have a collection of clothing that makes me proud.