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    Miniseries: Cleaning, repairing, and preserving garb

    If you've ever been to Pennsic - or any other outdoor event where there might be rain, mud, dust, snow, humidity, and other natural crud - you know exactly how much havoc extended outdoor wear can wreak on your historical clothing. Hems get muddy, necklines get sweat stained, and leather shoes look like they've been dug up out of a bog. It's not fun at the time, and it's even less fun when you get home and have to get all the nature off your clothes. 

    In this miniseries, I'm going to talk a bit about how I clean and preserve my historic garb. I will be including tips for big cleanups (like for after Pennsic) as well as tricks for ongoing maintenance and cleaning. From top to toes, this series will help you keep your garb looking nice and will extend the life of your wardrobe.

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