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    Post Pennsic, and a new old dress

    Pennsic XLI (41) is come and gone, and that's about all there is to say. My head wasn't really in it this year - I had a hard time settling into camp life, cancelled one of my classes due to tummy problems, and wasn't terribly motivated to do much except my stints as Shop Girl and Stunt Head Model. 

    Here's a new old dress for your perusal. I actually built this dress last year for the series of classes I taught at Pennsic XL (40). The gown is a 100% linen in teal blue that I bought at Pennsic XXXIX (39) and stashed away. It is cut as a standard Gothic Fitted Dress through the torso, lined in pink linen, and attached at the waist to a trapezoidal panel skirt. If I recall correctly, the skirt is 9 panels with a total of 4 yards in it. 

    I'm wearing it here with a linen camisa and gorguera (parlet), although by this point in the day the gorguera has made a determined effort to escape below the neckline. The necklace is actually my Pennsic medallion restrung on a silk ribbon, with my instructor token attached. I have on a tranzado with no cofia; you can't see it in this photo, unfortunately. The round thing at the right edge of the neckline is my new Pearl brooch from White Swan Illuminations. I'm wearing red shoes and linen hosen, and had just fallen off my new chopines about an hour before, so I am not wearing those in this photo.


    Shifty, shifty

    For the last ten years, I've posted my ramblings, projects, and research either on LiveJournal or on Dreamwidth. This has been great for building community and gaining new colleagues in the international costuming community, but has been a little inconvenient for collating my own work. In the last six months or so, I've found myself moving away from online journal communities and more towards Facebook - which has its own unique sets of problems, not to mention not being set up for project journaling at all.

    Since my website contains a blog on the front page (as well as blog-based pages in other sections I have decided to move all of my project and research blathering over to the website. I will probably still repost many things to DW to keep in touch, but the bulk of the writing will be over here.

    The website has an RSS feed, so people can follow it easily. If you're currently reading this post via the LJ feed or a DW repost, the URL for the full website is


    Major Site Work

    I'm doing a large overhaul to the organization of my site, as well as adding some new sections and posting articles I've been working on. Please be sure to visit the site if you are subscribed to any of the RSS feeds - especially that of the former "Clothing" page - as the address may have changed (I'm never entirely sure what Squarespace does until it does it).


    New section added: Tutorials

    The inaugural entry in my new Tutorials section is a five-step guide to searching the online collection of the Museo Nacional del Prado, even if you don't speak Spanish.

    Soon to come: a tutorial on fulling knitted items with equipment you can purchase from Target, pattern darning embroidery, and how to make Hispano-Flemish stunt hair.


    KA&S 2012 Documentation

    The documentation for my hat display is now up on the Handouts and Docmentation page. Included is a photo of the display taken by TJ King.