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    More upgrades

    I just finished converting all the documents on my Documentation and Handouts page to PDF copies, so they should be easily openable by everyone.


    About the new design

    As much as I like brown and orange, I felt that the old banner was a bit too bright-- I have had a couple of people tell me that the orange of the font was vibrant enough that it scrambled their vision somwhat. 

    The new banner is a detail from "Portrait of a Girl" by Juan de Flandes, c. 1496. There is some academic debate over the subject of the picture; some argue that it is a portrait of Catalina (Catherine of Aragon), and others believe it is a portrait of her younger sister, Juana. 

    The font is Tycho's Elegy by Pia Frauss. I can't say enough wonderful things about her fonts-- you really must see them for yourself. This one is based on Tycho Brahe's own handwriting, and although it is later than the period I study, I loved the simple elegance and readability of it.


    New and improved - in progress

    It's spring break, and my poor website can now receive some badly-needed attention. Over the next two weeks, I'll be adding articles and photos, and possibly messing about with the design a bit. For now, I've created a new page of documentation and handouts that include the materials from clases I've taught and displays/competitions I've entered.

    The majority of the documents on this site will appear as either PDF copies or DOCX copies (Word). The DOCX copies should open in Google docs, but please email me if you're having problems or if a download appears to be broken.


    KA&S 2010

    I have added the documentation and photos from my entry into Atlantia's Kingdom A&S competition 2010. You can find the entry under Further Reading in the left sidebar of this page.


    Shifts and additions

    I am completely moved over to SquareSpace now. Everything but the pdf copy of my "Drafting the Spanish Doublet" hasmoved with no hassle. The doublet pdf, however, is being stubborn. I am working on re-pdfing it to add to the "Classes and Handouts" section.

    I have added the documentation for my green Spanish working class to the Clothing section on the top navigation bar. The top bar is mostly for dynamic pages; the sidebar is for stable HTML pages such as bibliographies, and for easy location of my various A&S entries/documentation and class notes.