Navigating the Museo Nacional del Prado - without speaking Spanish
Monday, March 12, 2012 at 2:39AM

This tutorial is a quick and dirty introduction to finding and using the Prado’s advanced search function. The advanced search is a Spanish-only function; however, with this guide, you won’t need to know any Spanish at all to use it.

Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Step One:

Open the English version of the website at and choose “The Collection” in the left-hand menu.



Step Two:

Switch the Collection page to Spanish. You can also browse a limited selection of works using the Collection menu at the center of the page.



Step Three:

Choose “Galería online” from the Colección menu at the center of the page.



 Step Four:

The Galería online has a basic keyword search function that will do two things: it will let you search by author of a work or by title of a work. It will also let you limit your search results to items currently on exhibit in the museum (“Limitar la búsqueda a obras expuestas en el Museo”)

For more search possibilities, you will want to switch over to the advanced search (“Uso del Buscador  Avanzado”). Click the link below the search box.



Step Five:

The Advanced Search function will let you limit your search by several categories as well as limiting your search to items currently on exhibit at the museum. I recommend not limiting to items on exhibit; a broader search will catch items that have been digitized but that may be in storage or out of the museum on loan.




The category names are translated as follows:

Autor: author/creator of the work

Titulo: title of the work

Escuela: school

Tema: subject or topic of the work

Tipo: type

Fecha: date (Siglo = century)

Técnica: technique

Num. de catálogo: museum catalog number



Other definitions:

Escuela (Schools):

  1. Alemana - German
  2. Arte Antiguo – Ancient Art
  3. Arte Oriental – Oriental Art
  4. Centroeuropea – Central European
  5. Danesa - Danish
  6. Espanola - Spanish
  7. Flamenca - Flemish
  8. Francesca - French
  9. Hispano-Flamenca – Hispano-Flemish
  10. Hispanoamericana – Hispano-American
  11. Holandesa - Dutch
  12. Inglesa - English
  13. Italiana - Italian
  14. Polaca - Polish
  15. Portuguesa - Portuguese
  16. Sueca - Swedish

Tema (Themes):

  1. Alegoria - allegorical
  2. Animales - Animals
  3. Arquitecture - architecture
  4. Figura humana – human figures
  5. Figura Humana – human figures (I think this is an alternate/accidental entry)
  6. Genero e sociedad
  7. Historia - History
  8. Literatura - literature
  9. Militar - military
  10. Mitologia - mythology
  11. Motivos vegetales -
  12. Naturaleza muerta – still life
  13. Ornamentacion -
  14. Paisaje - landscape
  15. Religion - religion
  16. Retrato - portrait

Tipo (Types):

  1. Artes decorativas – decorative arts
  2. Escultura - sculpture
  3. Pintura - painting
  4. Dibujo - drawing
  5. Numismatica -
  6. Estampa – print, engraving
  7. Artes Decorativas – another possible alternate/accidental entry
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